Hi! My name is Cheska (you can call me Kay)
my pronouns are she/they and idk if I'm straight or bi
I'm a k-pop and k-drama fan.
My friends are Brielle, Mischa, Atiyah and Maan


∙ k-pop and k-drama
∙ stray kids, twice, enhypen, itzy and 99+ groups
∙ Jerry Yan songs 😫👍🏻
∙ reading minsung ff and au's
∙ listening to music
∙ singing and dancing
∙ Brielle, Sammy and Aliyah
∙ Lino and Hannie loml


∙ Ex friends
∙ bugs
∙ homo and racist people
∙ stray kids and twice anti

snap: linoverse
discord: sanhayooniverse#7359